Project Description

South Asian Grant Program (SAGP) Learning event program was organized by The Asia Foundation (TAF) at Pokhara on 27th and 28th November 2023. The event consisted of consortium members as well as grantees from Bhutan and other projects included in the program. Major agenda of the event being the tasks and achievements completed so far under SAGP by the present grantees, they presented their agendas, challenges ,lesson learned and strategies for further opportunities for better environmental governance.

The program turned out to be success for further collaboration, networking and sharing experiences. Dr Jagadish Chandra Pokharel, Er. Om Dharananda Rajopadhyaya and Mr. Ratnakar Jha attended the event representing NIURS in showcasing the what the institutions stands for and its contribution on the program so far. The organizers recognized the achievements and had presented their intent in great details. In total, the event was a great learning experience for everyone representing their contributions.