Er. Pranay Maharjan
Er. Pranay MaharjanResearch Officer
Pranay is a bona fide Civil Engineer with handful of skills. He has Masters degree in GIS from University of Salzburg. His expertise in GIS technologies and other technical works adds flair to the team spirit
Ar. Shirish Maharjan
Ar. Shirish MaharjanResearch Associate
Shirish is an industrious architect well known for her distinctive cognitive abilities and planning sector. She has Masters degree in Urban Planning from IOE Pulchowk and is the most experienced member among the staff.
Miss Bella Barsha Shrestha
Miss Bella Barsha ShresthaAccount & Admin Officer
Bella is a robust accountant who aids in financial and administrative part of the team. She is well experienced in the accounting firm and has a great knowledge in taxation system of a nation.