Project Description

NIURS successfully held training seminar at Biratnagar on 5th and 6th October with title “FNCCI Koshi Province Capacity Development Workshop“. The program was organized jointly by NIURS and FNCCI koshi province with the funding from “The Asia foundation”. The primary goal of this workshop was to enhance FNCCI’s capabilities in Koshi Province, enabling them to effectively advocate for the private sector’s interests and thereby contribute to the region’s economic development. The event was well-structured over two days, with an emphasis on various sessions.

The seminar covered various topics of interest for the public sector according to capacity needs assessment previously conducted. It includes frequently raised concerns like Introduction to National Development and role of private sector, Gaps in Policy Framework and Interventions required for promoting Investment in Koshi province, Billing and Taxation system in Nepal, Negotiation Skills for advocacy with public entities for promoting Investment opportunities, Growth Management for MSMEs including Role, Responsibility and Authority of Private Sector in Creating Investment Friendly Environment and Local Business Environment.


The slides from the workshop can be downloaded in the link below;

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